LABORATORY 12 + 5 Plus

LABORATORY 12 + 5 Plus

LABORATORY 12 + 5 Plus

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LAB is a linguistic laboratory for self-learning use, which will lead the learner towards a direct approach, by training the totality of his/her skills in their natural order (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The self- learning laboratory is a complete training tool, which will fulfill the various needs of different learners (those who lack time for analysis and meditations as well as those who already possess a basic knowledge of the language but want to practice and improve their communication).

Level A1 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)  - 20%

According to the key-concept of “Language Naturally” (i.e., natural language acquisition), LAB will lead you gradually to become familiar with the sounds, terms and phrases of Italian.

Although LAB is just the first of its five steps, it contains the basic principles “Language Naturally”. That’s why it is an indispensible passage to acquire the right orientation towards a natural acquisition of the language. Not by chance, LAB is composed of a series of five actions (listen, repeat, compare, write, check), thus dubbing the structure in five components of “Language Naturally”.

All you will learn with LAB will not result from theoretical explanation or external agents, but only through real language actions, which will follow the natural order of language acquisition: listening, repeating, comparing, writing, checking.

For this reason, LAB is also recommended for those speakers who already have a basic knowledge in Italian.

Listening stimulates attention to the sounds, contextualizes vocabulary and develops words' connotation
While repeating, students concentrate on the sounds and rhythms of new words and learn proper pronunciation
Compare ones' expressions: not to learn by heart, but to correct pronunciation mistakes
Writing helps to memorize what has been already learnt. Verify your ability to transcribe the words you have heard - follow your intuition

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