Situation + Drill

Situation + Drill

Situation + Drill

Level A2 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)  - 40%

In the second step, you will practice on the SITs, i.e. the language in the real situations of daily life. Your learning process will continue as a direct immersion into language performance. In other words, all you will learn in this phase will result from your listening, repeating and analysis on special tracks and materials.

Both LAB and SIT are self-learning tools, integrated with in-depth handouts which you will receive from Language Naturally staff. This aspect results from the method deviced by Language Naturally with a view to avoid any risk of passive participation from the user. On the contrary, self-learning as temporary tool in a wider process results as the best method to customize the learning experience and to grow responsibility in the learner, while eliciting inhibitory components related to an external correction of mistakes. Indeed mistakes are intended as valued and constructive means for the learner’s language growth, when it is part of a natural learning path with no forced behaviours.

However, moments for focus and teaching support are only postponed to the following steps, when the learner will be ready for a meditation on the language, without inhibiting the communicative approach developed during Step 1 and 2.


  1. You will listen to 20 dialogues set in real situation of daily life, like going to the supermarket, to the restaurant, to the chemist’s etc.

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