At the end of the course, you will have the chance to complete your immersion into the Italian culture with our CAMPUS Project: travelling, learning and living Italy, beyond tourist itineraries, through the very places where genuine Italian spirit originates.Moreover, for those who wish to further certificate their language level, LANGUAGE NATURALLY organizes special courses to the exam for the International Certificate in Italian.



ELS Srl is a quaint school set at the very heart of Chieti, a historic town located in the centre of Italy.

SEE the Map in our “Contacts” Section.

After a thirty-year long experience as language teaching and research centre, ELS has created Language Naturally, the most complete online course in Italian.

However, for those who wish to enhance their experience and desire a more personal contact with Italian sounds, ways of saying, people, places, uses, flavours and so on, ELS has created the Campus Project: a chain of different local partners (Italian guesthouses, B&Bs, family-run hotels) scattered over the surrounding of the school, that will accommodate our guests, for a real immersion into the Italian culture. The program will be completed with language courses in the morning at ELS school and activities in the afternoon (visits to culture/tourism destinations or productive places like olive-oil mills, wineries etc.)

Accommodation will be four stars quality standard. Guests can opt for half/full board.



Italian Language – University Assistance (enrolment and pre-exam tutorship) – Vocational Training and Intensive Professional Courses. For more details, see “Standard Formulas” below.


Activities not included in the basic package can be added for a customized program. Extra activities will take place during the weekend and may include:


  • full day trip to the National Natural Park of Abruzzi
  • full day trip to one of these cities: Roma, Rimini; Bologna; Napoli; Caserta; Firenze etc.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCES (one-day visits to productive mills + tasting)

  • How to make Wine
  • How to make Olive Oil
  • How to make Pasta
  • The Secrets of Mediterranean Diet

Learn more about CAMPUS PROJECT: "Presentation Document by ELS Staff" e "Sample Package"



Though set in a quaint and historic building, ELS school is complete of all requirements both in terms of safety and technology, to satisfy the needs of modern didactics. In addition, participants will be hosted in a whole net of partner facilities (Campus Project), which will take care of the different aspects of the experience (accommodations, meals, activities, visits).

Upon their arrival, participants will be asked to complete an exam which enables the staff to place each participant in the appropriate class corresponding to their language level.

Before participants can be admitted to any activity, all fees must have been paid one month prior to their arrival in Italy.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer and should mention the participant’s name and/or invoice number.

Fees once paid are not refundable in part or wholly. Participants who are obliged to leave in advance for personal reasons may arrange to transfer the balance of their fees (after deduction for tuition already received) to another similar course starting in a later period, subject to the discretion of the Principal.

Cancellation before arrival must be sent in writing by e-mail or express registered letter. The balance of the fees (deducted of 100 € penalty) will be returned only if written cancellation is received four weeks prior to the beginning of the course.


-For more information about our international exchanges visit our ERASMUS PLUS Area, a section totally devoted to the EU Projects managed by ELS


For further information ::: SEND YOUR REQUEST

  • ACCOMMODATION 3/4 Stars Hotel - Agritourism | Half Board
  • Stay for group Students + Group Leaders, complete with Language Course and Activities
  • Educational Materials
  • 15 hours lessons per Week (from 1 to 4 Weeks)
  • ACCOMMODATION 3/4 Stars Hotel - Agritourism | Half Board
  • 7 Options: Courses in Italian for Special Purposes Italian Language is required at intermediate level (Medical - Science - Engineering - Intenational Trade "import,export" - Business - Tourism - Information Technology)
  • Educational Materials
  • 15 hours lessons per Week (from 1 to 4 Weeks)
  • ACCOMMODATION 3/4 Stars Hotel -Agritourism | Half Board
  • How to Teach Italian and How to Become a successful Italian teacher. *Italian Language is required at intermediate level
  • Educational Materials
  • 15 hours lessons per Week (from 1 to 4 Weeks)
  • ACCOMMODATION 3/4 Stars Hotel -Agritourism | Half Board
  • For foreign University Students in Italy. Technical Assistance and Pre-Exam preparation. A Complete Tutorship. *Italian Language is required at intermediate level
  • Educational Materials
  • 15 hours lessons per Week (from 1 to 4 Weeks)


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