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Send us a message:  After signing up here, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your password so that you can access the Community. The users enrolled on the Community section must respect the c.d. Code of Ethics by communicating in Italian or English, using appropriate language.

Language Naturally Community


The users enrolled on the Community section must respect the c.d. Code of Ethics by communicating in Italian or English, using appropriate language. The use of dis-respective language, pictures, videos or anything else which may not respect the decorum and ethics upheld by ELS srl and its users, is forbidden.

Users are personally responsible for the safety, publication and approval of all materials (except for the format with which they appear or the support with which they are transmitted)

Any opinions/reviews users express on the website made by the users themselves are in no way representative of the opinion of the site and its administrators.

Although the approval of users’ opinions/reviews may be filtered by the site administrators, responsibility for publications and approvals lies exclusively with the user as original author of the contribution (opinions and reviews) and represents solely his or her opinion which cannot be generalised as the opinion/review made by the company to which it refers.

Users must not publish offensive, derogatory, defamatory comments about people or companies (concerning either the company or the products and/or services offered by that company).

Users must not publish any of the company’s private information, and particularly, information related to industrial secrets, clients, strategies, organisational models or products.

The site and its administrators may not be held responsible for private information which is published, in that the level of privacy and sensitivity of such information may only be known by the user who publishes his or her own opinion/review (the author of the opinion/review)

Users must only publish opinions/reviews related to their personal past and present experience. Users must therefore not publish opinions/reviews that have nothing to do with their own real and provable work experience.

Users must only publish opinions that truly mirror their own experience without exasperation, either positive or negative.

Users must not attempt to source authors of opinions/reviews printed on the site, with the purpose of pursuing them on a personal and work level in order to obtain their subjective opinions.

All opinions/reviews published are considered subjective and in no way objective. Therefore they do not want to express objective opinions, and neither that of the site or of its administrators.




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