LANGUAGE NATURALLY – An innovative method to learn

LANGUAGE NATURALLY – An innovative method to learn

There are various types of portals, however, this is not just a portal. This is a PORTAL which provides 3 different softwares that operate simultaneously and make the self-learning method possible.

The PORTAL Language Naturally is divided in 6 parts, each of them adjusted for online studying. It uses most innovative softwares available on the market in 2016. It provides constant communication between students and tutors, allowing for an incredibly fast learning that has never been seen before. 

Once the Classes have completed Language Naturally Syllabus, you will have developed a valuable competence in Italian. As a consequence, in its last step LANGUAGE NATURALLY aims at turning your competence into performance. In order to do so, it wouldn’t be enough to give you a final examination. on the contrary, it is necessary to create a whole testing path. LANGUAGE NATURALLY TEST is the only exam arranged in 5 sessions (TEST 1, TEST2 … TEST 5), as it was deviced as a final growth path, not only as a means for control. At the same time, such a complete and accurate testing path (in which all language skills are involved) is a guarantee for the user in terms of reliability.

After successfully completing the five tests, you will obtain LANGUAGE NATURALLY CERTIFICATE

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